Invo v2

Mar 23, 2023

It is my pleasure to announce that the new and improved version 2 of my entirely free invoice generation service,, is now live.

Visually you don't see any changes, but behind the scenes it's a lot. All the user data is now fully encrypted. I have no idea what the users enter into their invoices, and should anyone somehow hack themselves a copy of the database, they neither would have any idea.

Additionally, the entire service is now powered by Clojure, as opposed TypeScript that it was before. The API layer is pure Clojure and the UI layer is pure ClojureScript. The PDF generation service is also self-hosted now, meaning improved speed when downloading an invoice as well. And since Invo now no-longer relies on any third-party services it has a much higher uptime and reliability, but I figure mainly because it now runs on Clojure, which I have successfully written long-lasting quality software before, and which is much harder to do with the JS ecosystem.

And as always, Invo is still entirely free, no sign-up required, no souls needing to be sold. Enjoy!

Update (23 May, 2023): Invo is now called Invobi. I needed a new name for a .com domain because .ee is a regional domain and thus disadvantaged for SEO in other regions, and since Invo supports English and Spanish as well, it makes sense to go with a .com.